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Seattle Tree Removal & Trimming Services Company in Washington – WA  


Over the last 10 years we’ve had the high honor of serving our community with fast, cheap, tree arborist services you can count on.

Our competitive pricing gives you some of the best tree removal rates you’ll ever get along with quality professional customer service to help ease you along in what could be a difficult process.

We rely on repeat customers for the bulk of our business and we get it because when customers are satisfied with their work, word spreads – FAST!

Our crew of tree doctors are committed to providing you excellent tree removal and trimming services!

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“You offered the MOST REASONABLE ESTIMATE! Plus, you followed through on every promise you made (very rare). We’re 110% satisfied and will be recommending you highly to family, friends, and business associates” – Tricia



Residential and Business Tree Services  

Traditional Removal – Tree removal is a rather difficult and complicated process involving much more than a ‘chop n’ drop’. It requires planning, logistics, and after-care. That’s where WE come in. Our talented and experienced professionals ensures your property is ‘safe and secure’ prior to removal. We get the job done FAST!

Tree Cable and Bracing – From some trees where corrective pruning is not a viable option and tree still needs support, bracing and cabling is utilized. We’re like doctors putting a cast on a human leg or arm to support bone regrowth and eventual removal. This service helps against future failures while protecting the home owner from sudden catastrophe.

Traditional Trimming – Trimming trees always works best (and safest) when left to professionals. It’s a critical part of your annual home upkeep. It keeps your property presentable to neighbors and removes home and window obstructions. It also prevents scratched sidings and roof interference.

Clearance Pruning – As a general rule of thumb we recommend 10 feet of vertical clearance from the roof. Typically, if a single branch is rubbing against the side of your premises, it needs to come down as the potential for future damage increases. Also, you need 10 – 12 feet of clearance from ground level providing ease of travel underneath the tree.

Other services we currently offer include the following: Crane Removal, Felling, Corrective Pruning, Crown Reduction, Dead Wooding, Stump Grinding and more.

Commercial and Industrial Services 



We’ve designed our training programs to focus on “Safety First” to prevent accidents. It’s a mentality requiring conscious recognition of potential harms and danger with solutions to overcoming hazardous situations before they ever take place. safety guidelines are built into every task we do so you know you’re going to be protected from damage to another property or human beings. Our safe work habits transfers from ‘here’ to ‘there’ (you).


Let’s face it. It requires a great deal of manpower to manage trees on your property. Our service offers the convenience of skilled professional technicians and arborist to do what they’re trained to do and keep your trees in tip-top shape. 


Trees are living, breathing organisms. They’re stationary in nature but are prone to diseases, damage, decay, and age, much like us. Our service is like daycare for trees. We look after, nurture, care for, and in some cases nurse your trees back to health. You can breathe again knowing we got you covered.


We offer special deals and discounts for larger projects and long-term commitments with our clients. You have a budget and we intend on helping you keep it or stay under. We invest in loyal clients who invest and trust in us. When we receive bulk discounts we pass our savings on to you. This practice makes us one of the most affordable tree service providers in the area.

Insurance and Storm Damage Services

Weather here is fairly unpredictable. One minute its snow storming, the next it’s raining ‘cats and dogs’. Due to the unpredictability of Mother Nature her wrath can leave a lot of debris, broken limbs, uprooted trees, and damaged property in its wake. That’s where we step in to save the day.

We have the pruning and tree removal experience and equipment specially designed to handle ANY sized tree no matter how dire the situation.

Let’s face it, nobody wants to have to deal with the prospect of imminent danger to family, friends, co-workers, strangers or yourself. If a compromised tree falls at just the right angle it can literally go through the roof slamming into your child’s bedroom or unexpectingly striking your pet.

The consequences are real and that’s why we encourage our clients to seek preventative measures so that in the event of a storm you’re prepared for the worst and are ready well in advance.

Here's How You Contact Our Offices Today!

“Hey guys! I’m so pleased with your tree services and I’m forever grateful for all you’ve done for me. I’ll be giving you a ring again sometime in the near future, and I’ll be spreading the world about your business.” – Stephen


There’s No Job Too Big or Small For Seattle Tree Removal, Even During Emergencies we Got Your Back! 

Other cities we proudly serve nearby include:

Mercer Island, Bellevue, White Center, Kirkland, Burien, Newcastle, Tukwila, Renton, Shoreline, SeaTac, Lake Forest Park, Redmond, Kingsgate, Kenmore, Sammamish, Yesler Terrace, Belltown, Capitol Hill, Madrona, Broadway, Queen Anne, Broadmoor, Mount Baker, North Broadway, Madison Park, South Seattle, Ross, Youngstown, Wallingford, Edgewater Park, West Seattle, Georgetown, WA